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Crochet Boat Slippers

Fabulous DIY Crochet Boat Slippers – Free Pattern!

Crochet your own boat slippers! It’s a classic style, and it looks fantastic in crochet! Perfect for the summer months — or year round for that matter — but the styling, of course, evokes those summery days and nights out on
Crochet Slippers

Cozy DIY Crochet Slippers – Free Pattern!

A fabulous pair of crochet slippers! If you’ve been looking for a fantastic pattern for crochet Mary Jane slippers, you’ve just found one! Perfect for any time of year, and so versatile. Perfect for gift giving, too! Your choice of colors,
Crochet Slippers

Colorful, Cozy Crochet Slippers – Free Pattern!

A beautiful pair of slippers you can make today! Crochet slippers are a favorite. Perfect as gifts and, of course, for yourself! It’s the perfect project year round, whether summer or winter, your feet will welcome them! This fantastic free pattern,
Crochet Heart Slippers

Crochet Slippers with a Heart – Free Pattern!

Just lovely! There’s something so cozy and inviting about crochet slippers. They’re fun to make, great to give away as gifts! These red slippers with hearts are extra special…perfect for Valentine’s Day and year round, too! This fabulous free pattern, “Heart
Crochet Slippers

Super Comfortable Crochet Slippers – Free Pattern!

Don’t these look cozy?! And the good news is that this is a versatile pattern with many possibilities — color choices are yours so it’s great as a stash buster, too! Perfect for a quick project to pass the time or
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