Learn How to Crochet the Arruga Stitch with this Easy Video Tutorial!

Who says learning a new stitch has to be a chore!

Thanks to this wonderful, free video tutorial you will quickly learn the beautiful arruga stitch. It’s a lovely stitch with a beautiful surface texture.

This stitch is perfect for so many projects including sweaters, vests, ponchos, shawl and other clothing items. It’s also great for baby blankets, full-sized blankets, and afghans. And not least, espeially in the warm summer months, think of crocheting sturdy tote bags or cases for your mobile phone or sunglasses. Yes, this stitch has many uses!

Thanks to this fabulous tutorial by designer Olivia of Hopeful Honey you can master this stitch in no time! You’ll find both a video tutorial as well as some written instructions to further guide you to success!

Click here to get the tutorial at Hopeful Honey

And for even more fabulous and free video and photo crochet tutorials be sure to check out the following right here at Crochet Maze:

Happy crocheting!

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