Learn the Knit-Like Crochet Waistcoat Stitch Easily with this FREE Video Tutorial!

You won’t believe this stitch is crocheting, not knitting!

Best of all it’s easy to learn! You many have seen hats, scarves, mittens and even cardigans and ponchos that seem to be knitted — you’d never know they were made with the crochet waistcoat stitch. You’d think it was the classic stockinette stitch in knitting but it’s actually all achieved with a crochet hook.

So what’s the secret? It is the waistcoat stitch which is also known as the center single crochet stitch. It creates a beautiful texture as you can see in the photo above.

Thanks to a wonderful and free video tutorial by crochet designer and blogger Jess Coppom of Make & Do Crew you can master this stitch. If you’re a visual learner, her YouTube video tutorial will walk you through the stitch easily. Additionally, you’ll find a photo tutorial as well as some easy to follow written instructions, including some very helpful tips and pointers.

Not only will you get her fabulous tutorial but she also has some free patterns — for hats, mittens etc — that use this stitch. These patterns are all easy and beginner friendly, too!

Click here to get the video tutorial at Make & Do Crew

And for even more free video and photo tutorials for all kinds of crochet stitches and techniques be sure to scroll down for the links to previous features here at Crochet Maze!

As always, happy crocheting!

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  1. Laurie Salyer

    I can’t find the video or link to the one that looks like a knitted stitch. I see nothing that leads me to it.

  2. Hey Elaine,

    Thanks for linking to my tutorial. Please replace the image of mine you used with one different image from the blog post that doesn’t contain text. I don’t allow using my pins as your main image when you link to me. Thanks for understanding!


    • Hi Jess!

      I’m happy to share your excellent tutorial and I thank you for the opportunity to do so! I’ve just replaced the image as you requested. 🙂

  3. Grace Stanislaus

    HI Elaine, I want to save the page i’m very interested in learning to crochet, thanks for the information.

  4. Hi Elaine, this is a cool stitch! I’m currently teaching a crochet class and I used the example of t-shirt fabric having the knit on one side and purl on the other. This gives our class another tool for the tool box. Also, thanks to Jess for the original posting and BOTH of your respectful ways communicating a possible sticking point. Faith in humanity restored (of course we ladies usually get it right!) Blessings!

    • Hi Karen! Yes, I agree this is a very cool stitch! Jess’ tutorial is fabulous and I’m thrilled to share it with readers. Thanks for your kind words about that, too! I’m so happy to hear that you’ve found it useful in your crochet class. I wish you all the best in your crocheting endeavors. Blessings to you too! 🙂

  5. Katherine Zang

    Hi Elaine, I’m always looking for good crochet blogs and yours is a new favorite. Thanks for sharing your expertise in such a fun way,

    • Hi Katherine,

      Thank you for the kind words! It’s great to have you as a reader! 🙂

  6. Sharon Eason

    Elaine! You are wonderful. I have been doing a good bit of crocheting and really wanted some new stitches to “play” with. I wish you and I lived closer together – and some of our fellow crochet sisters here- we would get together and have needles and yarn flying. Happy crocheting and God bless you for your talent and the way you so freely share.

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thank you for the kind words! I greatly appreciate it! I’m grateful to have you as a reader in lieu of get-togethers. I wish you and your crochet sisters all the best! God bless you too! 🙂

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