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Crochet arruga stitch tutorial

Learn How to Crochet the Arruga Stitch with this Easy Video Tutorial!

Who says learning a new stitch has to be a chore! Thanks to this wonderful, free video tutorial you will quickly learn the beautiful arruga stitch. It’s a lovely stitch with a beautiful surface texture. This stitch is perfect for so

Crochet a Basket out of a Clothesline! Easy DIY Tutorial Video!

Yes, you can make a sturdy and beautiful basket quickly and easily! From the looks of this basket, you’d never ever imagine it was crocheted from…s clothesline! Yes, the simple ordinary clothesline you can get so cheaply from your local discount
Crochet Prada Style Bag

Amazing DIY Crochet Prada Style Bag — FREE Video Tutorial!

Create a beautiful iconic designer-style handbag! Yes, no doubt a Prada bag is on the wish list of many. And in such cases, the thrill of a DIY project is not only the money you save, but the opportunity to express
Popsicle broomstrick lace crochet

Save those Popsicle Sticks! Use them to Crochet the Classic Broomstick Lace Pattern!

Yes, this is a variation on the broomstick lace stitch and you’ll love the results! It is a beautiful stitch and it’s perfect for baby blankets, shawls, belts, even tote bags and satchels. An intricate pattern, somewhat reminiscent of macrame, it’s
Crochet Flower Lattice Stitch Tutorial

Learn to Crochet the Flower Lattice Stitch with this Free Photo Tutorial!

This is a beautiful and intricate stitch that has so many uses! Yes, this delicate, lacy crochet stitch is perfect for shawls and throws as well as 1970s-style bohemian vests and ponchos. It would also look wonderful as a wall hanging
Amigurumi Cactus

This Cute Crochet Amigurumi Cactus Just Might Become Your Favorite Houseplant! Easy Video Tutorial

If you don’t have a green thumb here’s your solution! Better than artificial plants, and an ultra adorable decorator accent in your home! Just imagine keeping an amigurumi cactus at your desk, your coffee table or your nightstand, or anywhere close
Crochet Doll Cradle Purse

Vintage Style Crochet Cradle Doll Purse: Video Tutorial + Free Pattern!

A timeless classic, and just as popular today as ever! It’s an ingenious design, and yet as a crochet project it’s easily achievable even by the beginner. With this excellent video tutorial and the free pattern, you’ll soon have your project
Picot Trellis Stitch Tutorial

Want to Learn the Crochet Picot Trellis Stitch? – This Free Video Tutorial Is for You!

This is an awesome stitch that you can learn today! You have very likely seen this stitch in many items of bohemian-inspired clothing and accessories including shawls, vests, ponchos and the like. It’s also perfect for table cloths and table runners
Tiny Crochet Minion Tutorial

Crochet a Tiny Minion…It’s an Easy Project! [Video Tutorial]

Yes, this is a very small Minion! So small, in fact, that you can easily crochet it with scrap yarn. Measured, this amigurumi Minion is a mere 4-1/2 inches (9cm). This leaves many possibilities…from baby toys to pet toys to decorator
Crochet a Bag out of Plastic Bags (Plarn)

[Video Tutorial] Crochet a Bag out of Plastic Bags (Plarn) – Upcycling at Its Best!

Fantastic video tutorial for a fun plarn project! Yes, you can save money, help the environment and be creative all at once! How many times have you thought to yourself, yes, plarn is a cool idea? Now here’s the chance to
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