Photo Tutorial: Crochet in the Round with Magic Circle and Chain 2

Right now — today! — you can learn two methods to crochet in the round!

This wonderful tutorial by ChiWei of One Dog Woof shows you how! The magic circle is perfect for amigurumi, those adorable little stuffed animals, dolls and other creatures. It keeps the stuffing intact.

And there’s another method, which ChiWei calls the “chain 2” and this is excellent for projects that begin in the middle and spiral outward, leaving a small hole in the middle.

You’ll find many photos plus some easy to follow instructions that will have you up and running in no time! Best of all, it’s free and it’s online. Nothing to download or purchase!

Click here to see the full photo tutorial at One Dog Woof

And for even more free photo and video crochet tutorials check out the following here at Crochet Maze:

Happy crocheting!

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