[VIDEO Tutorial] Learn to Crochet in the Spiral Today!

You can master this crochet technique easily!

There’s crocheting in the round, and there’s crocheting in the spiral. This video tutorial shows you how to do the latter. The difference is that when crocheting in a spiral you don’t join the next row with a slip stitch as you do when crocheting in the round.

This wonderful technique in crocheting can lend itself to some stunning visual effects when you use variegated yarn or multi-strands of yarn. This makes it ideal for creative and free form crochet.

It’s also perfect for a variety of DIY items for the home including rugs, baskets, place mats coasters, trivets and potholders and more. It’s also great for various accessories too, from hats to jewelry.

This is an excellent video tutorial by designer Olivia Kent of Hopeful Honey. She demonstrates how to do the technique with double crochet (DC). You’ll find some very helpful written instructions on exactly how to use the technique with single crochet (SC) as well as with half double crochet (HDC).

Not only will she walk you through the technique stitch by stitch, but you’ll also get some very helpful tips and pointers. You’ll be up to speed in no time!

Click here to get the video tutorial at Hopeful Honey

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As always, happy crocheting!

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