Make Your Own T-Shirt Yarn – These Photo & Video Tutorials Show You How!

Turn those old t-shirts into fantastic yarn in no time!

After all, they’re just taking up space in your closet or drawers when they could be transformed into fantastic DIY projects like baskets, handbags, vest, and rugs and wall hangings, just to name a few.

Yes, it’s possible to buy T-shirt yarn, but so much fun to make it, too! You may have seen pictures and tutorials before, and thought to yourself, oh, this looks really cool! And yes, it is! It’s a perfect project for the weekend or any time.

Thanks to this wonderful photo tutorial you can start that transformation right now. From T-shirts to yarn. Think of the colors and textures you can combine!

Click here for the photo tutorial at Artistic Endeavors 101

Or if you prefer video, check out the fantastic video tutorial below!

And now that you have the T-shirt yarn, check out these fabulous free patterns we’ve previously featured at Crochet Maze:

Happy Crocheting!

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